The Live Recording Guide (LRG) is a database where we list existing Red Hot Chili Peppers live recordings and additional information. Our aim is to gather as much info as possible about individual recordings, we hope this guide becomes the best resource on the internet for everyone who collects live recordings by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Please take a few minutes to read through this short orientation, it will help you understand the purpose and the usage of this guide.


Live Recording Guide Orientation


- The Live Recording Guide is not a tourography, only dates that were recorded are listed.
- We list any recordings we know/heard about, audio and video, unofficial and official releases. This doesn't mean we have all those recordings and videos!


The Navigation Filter

You can filter the LRG by selecting one or more of the options  below...

  • year
  • month
  • country
  • city
  • song
  • source
  • format

If the filter is set, all results will be displayed in a table.

Example: The settings Year = "2006", Country = "USA", Song = "Scar Tissue" and Format = "DVDR" will display all Red Hot Chili Peppers concerts from the year 2006 played in the USA where the setlist contains Scar Tissue and a DVDR video exists.

The results table shows you each concert that was recorded and at least has one recording. The columns in the results table are:

      • date
      • venue
      • city
      • country
      • existing audio recordings
      • existing videos
      • downloads

Once you click on a concert, you will enter the Concert Details view.

Concert Details & Recording Notes

In the Concert Details view you will find the setlist of the concert and a list of all knwn to exist live recordings.

If you select a source in the recordings list, you will find more information of the selected recording.


Audio Recodings:
SBD - soundboard/radio recording
AUD - audience recording
MTX - merged audio recording/matrix (audience + audience or soundboard + audience)
PRO - professional shot
AMT - amateur shot
MIX - mixed video (multiple amateur shots)

Sources are also numbered (#1, #2, #3, etc.), as oftentimes there is more than one recording for a show.

Side note: We do not list any mobile phone audio or video recordings!


Here you will find information about the equipment that was used for recording this concert.

Equipment info looks as follows: microphones > preamp/battery box > recorder
Example: AT853 > PS2 > Sony PCM-M1
Meaning: AT853 microphones, plugged into a PS2 preamp, plugged into a Sony PCM-M1 DAT recorder

Side note: For most of the older recordings, we do not have equipment info.


Completness of the recording. Recordings missing at least one full song are considered incomplete. Recordings not missing any songs, maybe merely missing banter or the encore break, or a tiny bit of music due to technical issues are complete.


Find out what's the best quality format for this recording. Most of the time audio recordings are in lossless formats (CDR/FLAC) at their best quality, but it sometimes happens that only mp3's are available for a certain recording.


Here credit is given to the person who made the recording. If you are a taper and would want your name to be added or removed, just get in touch with us!

Side note: For most of the older recordings, we do not have taper info.


Anything else you might want to know about this recording is mentioned here.


Other things

        • Downloads

Some recording are being offered here for download. 99% of all offered downloads are audio in FLAC format (.flac), which also include a checksum file (.md5 or .ffp) and an info file (.txt or .nfo). We have some videos which are compressed in in multiple RAR (.rar) archives due to bigger file sizes. Any offered downloads in the LRG are non-comerical, being fan made recordings and videos. The Live Recording Guide will never offer any officially released live recordings!

        • Pictures

Pictures are usually DVD screen shots or artwork scans (for commercial bootlegs only). Click at the pictures to enlarge them.


        • Audio player

There are audio samples for many recordings, usually being 3 tracks. You can check on quality and compare sources, the audio player can help you figure out whether a recording is worthy for you get hold of or not.

        • Video player

Some videos are watchable in the LRG.

That's about it! We hope this orientation has given you a quick overview on how things work in the Live Recording Guide. Good luck browsing through, we hope you find the information you are looking for.

If you still have questions you might want to read the LRG F.A.Q.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if any of your questions remain unanswered or if you want to submit additional information for the guide.


The SCB team

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The LRG is being maintained by anton and jasonrhl
The code for the LRG was written by Martin W.
Thanks to everyone who helped out by submitting information on recordings and to everyone involved in live concert taping!

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