Red Hot Chili Peppers - 1986-11-29 Hoosier Ballroom, Indianapolis, IN, United States

Out In L.A.
Buckle Down
Jungle Man
Blackeyed Blonde
Green Heaven
Police Helicopter
Baby Appeal
Thirty Dirty Birds
Me And My Friends
Mommy Where's Daddy
Catholic School Girls Rule
Get Up, Stand Up [Bob Marley]
Get Up And Jump
Nervous Breakdown [Black Flag]
Fire [Jimi Hendrix]
Yertle The Turtle
You Always Sing The Same

 Videos (1)
 AMT #1 - Amateur Video
 Equipment:soundboard > Sony Betamax camcorder
 Recorded by:Tony P.
 Notes:For quiet many moments this video is very dark, so you basically don't see anything and only hear the sound. The filmer most likely worked at the Venue or at least had the permission to use the soundboard which would explain the great audio quality.

In November 2008 the best version in circulation surfaced, the lineage being Betamax(M) > VHS > DVDR. Footage of the opning band T.S.O.L. also exists.

The liberated bootleg CD "Uncensored" (also known as "Out in L.A. '86") features the audio track ripped from this video, missing 'Baby Appeal' and 'Me And My Friends'. There's a cassette bootleg entitled "Lost In The Midwest 1986" which contains the complete audio rip.

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