Red Hot Chili Peppers - 1995-10-16 Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Give It Away
Suck My Kiss
My Friends
Sweet Home Alabama [Lynyrd Skynyrd]
Coffee Shop
Sound And Vision [David Bowie]
Higher Ground [Stevie Wonder]
Hey Joe [Jimi Hendrix]
One Big Mob
Under The Bridge
Me And My Friends
Deep Kick
Suffragette City [David Bowie]

 Audio Recordings (2)
 SBD #1 - Soundboard Audio
 Equipment:soundboard > unknown recorder
 Recorded by:n/a
 Notes:This show was broadcast on Kink FM and was released on several liberated bootlegs. Most releases are cut, probably to make the recording fit onto one disc
- "Hot Life" on the Razor's Edge label contains the entire show on two discs.
- "Flea's Birthday Suit" misses 'Deep Kick' and 'Suffragette City'.
- "Flea's Birthday Gig" on the Midbeat label misses 'Me And My Friends'.
- "Slap Happy" on the Oxygen label misses 'One Big Mob' and 'Me And My Friends'.
 SBD #2 - Soundboard Audio
 Equipment:soundboard > unknown recorder
 Recorded by:n/a
 Notes:Five tracks from the Rotterdam show were officially released on the Aeroplane single and limited edition single(*) being real soundboards without any FM compression; 'Backwoods', 'Suck My Kiss'*, 'Me And My Friends', 'Trascending' and 'Suffragette City'*.

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