Red Hot Chili Peppers - 2002-06-10 Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain

By The Way
Scar Tissue
Can't Stop
Universally Speaking
Give It Away
I Could Die For You
Throw Away Your Television
I Could Have Lied
You Always Sing The Same
Don't Forget Me
Right On Time
The Power Of Equality

 Audio Recordings (1)
 SBD #1 - Soundboard Audio
 Equipment:soundboard > unknown recorder
 Recorded by:n/a
 Notes:It was recorded from Spanish radio and features short interviews at the end.
 Videos (2)
 PRO #1a - Professional Video
 Equipment:soundboard > unknown
 Recorded by:n/a
 Notes:From Spanish TV. Audio recorded from TV is circulating as well.
 PRO #1b - Professional Video
 Equipment:soundboard > unknown
 Recorded by:n/a
 Notes:From a different broadcast than #1a, missing one song.

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