Red Hot Chili Peppers - 2002-06-25 Lansdowne Road, Dublin, Ireland

By The Way
Scar Tissue
Around The World
Universally Speaking
Give It Away
Soul To Squeeze
Parallel Universe
Fox On The Run (John) [Sweet]
Right On Time
Venice Queen
I Could Have Lied
Can't Stop
Me And My Friends
Blue Monday (John) [New Order]
Under The Bridge
The Power Of Equality

 Audio Recordings (2)
 AUD #1 - Audience Audio
 Equipment:unknown mic > MD recorder
 Recorded by:n/a
 AUD #2 - Audience Audio
 Equipment:unknown mic > unknown recorder
 Recorded by:n/a
 Notes:Surfaced in December 2009 in Mono. It came from a c90 cassette, recived by the uploader just after the gig. It's questionable whether this was recorded on cassette or on another device. The sound is running hot through out the entire recording. In December 2011 a new transfer of the same tape surfaced, this time in Stereo, sounding a lot better than the first transfer.

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