Red Hot Chili Peppers - 2003-02-12 Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy, Paris, France

Intro Jam
By The Way
Scar Tissue
Around The World
The Zephyr Song
Suck My Kiss
Purple Stain
Parallel Universe
Throw Away Your Television
Maybe (John) [The Chantels]
Don't Forget Me
Right On Time
I Could Have Lied
Can't Stop
Venice Queen
Give It Away
Love Gun [KISS]
Under The Bridge
Fire [Jimi Hendrix]

 Audio Recordings (2)
 AUD #1 - Audience Audio
 Equipment:MM-MCSM-4 > MM-EBM-1-CUSTOM Battery Box > Sharp MD-MT831
 Recorded by:Casper aka CAS
 Notes:A good and complete recording of the first day in Paris 2003 by the RHCP. CAS recorded day 2 as well.
 AUD #2 - Audience Audio
 Equipment:Giant Squid Audio Lab Cardioid Powered Stereo Microphone > Sony MD
 Recorded by:PYB
 Notes:This recording is superior to AUD #1 quality wise, but 'Give It Away' is missing due to the taper having troubles with the MD recorder. Thanks to PYB for providing equipment info.

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