Red Hot Chili Peppers - 2006-12-11 Stockholm Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden

Intro Jam
Can't Stop
Scar Tissue
Desecration Smile
Fortune Faded
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
How Can I Tell You (John) [Cat Stevens]
Snow ((Hey Oh))
Flea Solo
Don't Forget Me
Hump De Bump
Nobody Weird Like Me
C'mon Girl
By The Way
Drum solo
Under The Bridge
You're Gonna Get Yours [Public Enemy]
Give It Away

 Videos (2)
 AMT #1 - Amateur Video
 Equipment:built-in > unknown camera
 Recorded by:SnowBear
 Notes:This video has many cuts inbetween the songs, but is otherwise complete musically.
 MIX #1 - Mixed Video (Various Shots)
 Equipment:Sony mics > Sony cameras
 Recorded by:Sammun & his friend
 Notes:A 2-Cams-Mix, on two DVDs. Both filmers have been seated next to each other. Sammun filmed the second day in Stockholm as well.

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