Red Hot Chili Peppers - 2007-04-28 Empire Polo Fields (Coachella Vally Music And Arts Festival), Indio, CA, United States

Intro Jam
Can't Stop
Dani California
Throw Away Your Television
Baby Appeal (jam)
Songbird (John) [Fleetwood Mac]
Snow ((Hey Oh))
Get On Top
Sunny (Flea) [Boney M]
She's Only 18
Higher Ground [Stevie Wonder]
I Feel Love (John) [Donna Summer]
This Velvet Glove
Don't Forget Me
Give It Away
C'mon Girl
Under The Bridge
By The Way

 Audio Recordings (2)
 AUD #1 - Audience Audio
 Equipment:Panasonic WM-61A > Sound Pro SP-SPSB-2 > Edirol R-09
 Recorded by:Kris Sproul
 Notes:One very good sounding recording.
 AUD #2 - Audience Audio
 Equipment:Core Sound Cardioids > M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96
 Recorded by:Afrodude
 Notes:The battery died for the last couple of songs.
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